Teen left home with dog and met killer

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It was a typical November day in 1971 when an eighth-grader left her house in a sleepy New Hampshire town with her pet dog, Tasha, in tow.

The German shepherd returned home that day without its 13-year-old master, Kathy Gloddy.

To her family’s horror, the little girl’s body was found the next day, three miles from her home.

She had been beaten, raped, strangled and run over by a car repeatedly until she was dead.

Her body was found clothed only in her kneesocks.

At the time, police had several possible suspects, but not enough evidence for an arrest, said Sgt. Scott Gilbert of the New Hampshire State Police.

In 2006, Gilbert said, Kathy’s body was exhumed in search of further clues, but authorities were unable to obtain forensics from the remains.

Kathy’s family asked private investigator Tom Shamshak to aid in the investigation and he agreed to volunteer his services.

So far, investigators have only been able to piece together a timeline of the day Kathy went missing.

It is believed that she left her family’s home at 5 p.m. to go to a convenience store, where she bought ice cream and potato sticks.

Soon after leaving the store, she was spotted at Franklin High School, where one of her older sisters was attending a banquet.

It is unclear where Kathy went next, but what is known is that later that evening her dog returned home acting frantic and anxious, family members said.

“When Tasha came home without Kathy, we were worried,” said Kathy’s sister, Janet Young. “And then the dog was running around in circles, acting crazy and pawing at the door as if looking for Kathy. We always came home when we said we would and never stayed out late worrying our parents.”

Private investigator Shamshak said he believes the killer may not have been a stranger.

“This kind of brutality and rage-driven crime can only come from someone that knew her or her family,” he said.

Jim Conrad, a former New Hampshire State Police trooper who worked on the case, said Kathy was found in the woods not far from a small gravel road near a popular swimming hole in Franklin, New Hampshire.

Investigators believe the area — which is only one mile from where she was last seen at the high school — was merely a dumping site for the body and not the actual crime scene.

“One of the things my team is working on is trying to get the post-mortem DNA evidence collected by the forensic pathologist who examined her,” Shamshak said.

While there is not a lot of evidence left, it is the one piece of evidence the family hopes could link potential suspects to Kathy’s murder.

“We have waited so long for justice and closure,” said Karen Beaudin, another of Kathy’s sisters.

Gilbert said there are at least two persons of interest authorities have focused on and both were acquainted with Kathy Gloddy and her family.

Gilbert said police thought they’d caught a break in 2004 when convicted sex offender Edward Dukette, who served time in a Florida prison for raping and nearly killing a young girl, unexpectedly came forward to police claiming he had key information about Kathy Gloddy’s murder.

Dukette was a former neighbor of the Gloddys and had been evicted from the multiple-family dwelling eight months before Kathy’s murder.

Gilbert was one of several investigators who traveled to Florida to question Dukette, but the potential suspect recanted his earlier statements and refused to speak further with officials.

The Gloddy family and Tom Shamshak have said they believe there is more than one person responsible for Kathy Gloddy’s murder. The family is organizing a reward fund in conjunction with the Carole Sund Foundation.

Anyone who has information that could lead to the arrest of the individuals responsible for Kathy Lynn Gloddy’s murder is asked to call the New Hampshire State Police Crime Unit tip line at 603-271-3636.

Protesting increased fees at CityPlace

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL — For Jamezee Miller, a cook at Cheesecake Factory in CityPlace, paying the bills isn’t easy.

He explains, “Its bad enough we’re losing our hours because its slow.”

But for Miller and other employees at CityPlace in downtown West Palm Beach, the tough times are about to get worse.

Soon, workers will have to pay as much as $500 a year to park where they work, sparking a passionate protest.

Dozens of employees from various restaurants and shops at CityPlace stood on Okeechobee Blvd. Tuesday afternoon holding signs, airing their frustrations with the news they got in a letter a few days ago from CityPlace management.

It informed them that starting June first full time employees will have to pay $40 a month for unlimited parking while part-timers will have to fork out $25 for a ten day pass.

The crowd also protested another part of CityPlace’s new plan.

On peak days – Thursday through Saturday- employees will now have to park in a lot off of CityPlace’s property on the corner of Okeechobee Blvd. and Dixie Highway.

The workers say its a longer, and more dangerous walk from where they work.

They also worry because its not fenced in.

The organizer of the protest, Brewzzi server, Chris Teal, tells NewsChannel 5, “People have been robbed in the garages also so I can only imagine what would happen in a dark, unlit parking lot.”

CityPlace management denied NewsChannel 5’s request for an interview.

In a statement they explain that the lot will be patrolled at all times and that security guards will be available to escort employees to their vehicles.

They claim they’re doing this because the garages have seen a 10 percent increase in traffic and that on weekends they often reach capacity.

The statement explains, CityPlace is implementing the changes in order to, “protect the quality of the visitor experience.”

But, in protecting the customers, the workers feel they’re getting stepped on.

Some, including Miller, may look for new jobs, saying they can’t afford to have money taken out of their pockets.

Brewzzi bartender, Bill Rodger says although he can’t quit because he has kids at home he feels disrespected, “that we can work here but we have to pay to work here.”

Other employees say they just hope their outspoken protest will be enough to spark a change of heart.

Laine Lewis, an employee at Kreiss Collection, tells NewsChannel 5, “CityPlace has a definite problem on their hand and they need to take this back.”

Employees say that some of the businesses have their attorneys looking at the legality of these increases.

Customer parking is also going up.

The first hour will still be free but the second hour now goes from one dollar to two dollars.

All of the changes take effect June 1st.

Arrest made in abandoned kids’ case

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PALM SPRINGS, FL– Police in Palm Springs say they have arrested a father who was supposed to be watching his three children.

Officers say the youngsters were found alone in a stairwell at the Village Club apartments on Rome Drive

Another resident discovered the children, ages 3, 2, and 1 and began knocking on doors to find their parents.

When that was unsuccessful, she contacted police.

Palm Springs Police now say the father in charge of the children had fallen asleep.

He’s being charged with child neglect.

New passport rules to take effect

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Next week, travel regulations will become more stringent as the U.S. Department of State begins requiring passports for more international trips.

Under the rules, anyone returning from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean is going to need more documentation than before starting June 1st.

Travelers are now going to need to show either a passport or enhanced drivers license or one of those so called “trusted traveler cards.”

The additional requirements are the final part of the Department of Homeland Security’s Western Hemisphere travel initiative, which had been initially delayed for about 2 years.

5 Alabama police officers fired over beating caught on camera

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Five police officers brutally kicked and beat an unconscious suspect after a high-speed chase through Birmingham, Alabama, in an incident caught on camera and discovered a year later.


The five officers have been fired, Mayor Larry Langford said at a news conference Wednesday. An internal inquiry is continuing.

The dashboard-cam footage, which officials believe was shot in January 2008, was aired for reporters Wednesday. It showed the end of a 100-mile-an-hour police chase of a van driven by Anthony Warren, suspected of illegal drug activity.

Police had chased the van almost 50 miles, winding from downtown Birmingham to suburban Hoover. The video captured the van knocking down a police officer standing on a roadway, then turning up an interstate highway ramp, where it flipped over and rolled into a ditch.

Warren was ejected from the van and stopped moving. The five officers — one black, four white — ruthlessly beat the suspect, who is black, the video shows.

A police mug shot taken five days after the beating was posted on the Web site of The Birmingham News. It shows a badly bruised man wearing a neck brace.

Police Chief A.C. Roper told CNN that the video was brought to his attention in March by the district attorney’s office, which stumbled upon the footage as it was preparing for Warren’s trial.

Warren was charged with attempted murder, but no trial took place because he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of aggravated assault. He is in prison serving a 20-year sentence.

Roper said he was “shocked” to learn of the video and that it had been around for so long without his knowledge.

In addition to a continuing internal investigation that could lead to disciplining supervisors, he said the Alabama Bureau of Investigation is considering criminal charges against the five officers.

Langford said the incident brought back to mind days of segregation and police brutality toward blacks.

“The culture of the past was that police brutality was acceptable,” Langford said. “In Birmingham, Alabama, in the present day, it is not acceptable.”

Langford said the five officers showed exceptional restraint in chasing the fleeing suspect and performed in exemplary fashion until the last scene caught on the video.

The camera captured 11 seconds of the five officers beating Warren with their fists and batons.

“Those 11 seconds will not be tolerated,” said Langford, who signed letters of termination for the five officers on Tuesday.

“Over 50 years of combined police experience gone over 11 seconds,” he said.

Rapper “Dolla” Killed In Shooting At Beverly Center

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LOS ANGELES — The rapper “Dolla,” also known as Roderick Anthony Burton II, was shot and killed at the Beverly Center shopping mall Monday afternoon.
picture-17According to Burton’s publicist Sue Vannasing, the 21 year old rapper was shot in the head. Vannasing said Burton and D.J. Shabbazz, another rapper, were waiting at the valet stand after a shopping trip when the shooting occurred.

LAPD Sgt. Ronnie Crump confirmed the victim was shot about 3:15 p.m. on the ground floor of the mall. Nearby diners dove for cover when the shots rang out.

Burton arrived at LAX from Atlanta earlier in the day and went to the Beverly Center to do some shopping, Vannasing said. Burton apparently had a dispute with some people, perhaps at the airport, she added.

“They followed him to the mall because they knew he was coming,” Vannasing said. Los Angeles police officials could not immediately confirm or deny that account.

Burton was rushed to Cedars Sinai Medical Center where he died of his wounds.

Two suspects fled the scene. One in a silver Mercedes Benz SUV. The other in a Nissan Altima.

The suspect who fled from the mall in a silver Mercedes – a black male approximately 20-years old – was arrested at the ticket counter at Terminal 1 at the Los Angeles International Airport.

“The suspect was detained without incident [and] discovered to be armed,” said Los Angeles World Airports spokeswoman Nancy Castles.

Police later found the silver Mercedes in an airport parking lot. Polcie are investigating whether the man was trying to board a flight out of Los Angeles.

Celebrity website TMZ is reporting that the suspect goes by the name Aubery Berry, but that has not been confirmed by police.

Burton is best known for his work on the soundtrack for the 2006 dance film “Step Up” and for the two singles released with the singer Akon: “Like This” and “She So Fine.”

Burton was an up-and-coming rapper who had recorded several singles. He was in town to work on his first album, slated to be released this summer on Jive Records, Vannasing said.

His first single, released in 2007, was “Who the [Expletive] is that?”

He was born in Chicago in 1988 and moved with his family to the Los Angeles area and then to Atlanta, according to a biography on his MySpace.com page.

The biography said he lived a life full of misfortune, witnessing his father commit suicide at age 5 and turning to crime to support his family at age 10. He began rapping as 12, and formed a group called Da Razkals Cru, according to the biography.

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