Joan Rivers Dead at 81

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Joan Rivers, after spending one week in critical condition passed away on September 3, 2014.

Joan Alexandra Molinsky is an American writer, comedian and Actress best known for co-Hosting the Fashion Police show. Her death comes sadly, after being moved to a private room at the hospital where she was being monitored. Family and friends were keeping their fingers crossed in hope and prayer that Rivers would make a recovery.

Joan and Melissa Rivers

Her daughter Melissa Rivers, who flew in from California had released this statement before the death of Joan Rivers.

“My mother has been moved out of intensive care and into a private room where she is being kept comfortable. Thank you for your continued support.”

It is still unknown how much later She passed away, after the release of Melissa’s statement on River’s official website. Not much more is known at this time as news comes in about the death of Joan Rivers.

Legal action could be taken against the Upper East side clinic, where Rivers went last week for a visit to her doctor before going into cardiac arrest.


Florida Rap Artist Jtwist releases music video with MMG’s Young Breed

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The Music scene in South Florida is rising and making it’s mark in the hiphop world. With Major artists like Pitbull, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Young Breed, Gunplay, Ace Hood, Trick Daddy, Meek Mill and many more locking down the competition in the 305 and 561 area codes. With much of the rap music production coming from world rising producers like Schife based out of WPB FL, and Dj Khalid the most famous dj in the USA located 45 minutes south, in the heart of Miami’s cocain capital.

Jtwist Florida Music Artist

Jtwist Florida Music Artist

Rap Music Artist Jtwist pronounced J.Twist based out of West Palm Beach Florida is quickly rising in the world of street rap. With enough music to fill 3 albums and lyrics that are beyond average his skill is the perfect batch for any hardcore rap addict. Jtwist a local Unsigned artist has many collaboration projects that include major artists such as Flo Rida, Ace Hood, Gunplay and now Young Breed, in his latest music video release titled Countin Dis Money featuring Shayne & MMG artist Young Breed. MMG a music label controlled by Rick Ross aka Maybach Music Group. The track was produced by Schife.

Born and raised in the streets of South Florida J Twist flaunts a Cuban American nationality with twisted lyrical madness. We were able to interview an individual who did not wish to be named or identified which tells us that on a regular day you can catch Jtwist doing anything from burning cash on expensive clothing, to swangin in his 2013 Camaro ZL1. No matter what day of the week it may be J.Twist is on a fast track rise to fame. We were not able to reach the artist for an interview but we plan on posting one soon as we get it.

The South Florida rap game is extensive and more underground artists will continue to reach for the light, but only those who are diverse will certainly clear the smoke! In his music video Countin This Money Jtwist, & Young Breed can be seen flashing Hundreds of thousands in cash on a private Yacht somewhere in Miami. Other scenes that feature Music artist Shayne they can be seen firing large assault style weapons and mac 11′s in an outdoor setting. The video quality and production is nice and his producer tells us it’s only the beginning of much more to come. Watch the Official Music Video by clicking full story below.

We listed all the Official accounts for Music Artist Jtwist so you can follow his rise to stardom.

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Bypass chatroulette webcam ban

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Chatroulette Cam is A very large site hosted from Russia. The site is about 2 years old now, and has been steadily dropping in traffic. When chatroulette started out they had no ban’s and it was A cool place to webcam chat. That was until recently when they started banning on chatroulette for no reason. Users at the site have been abusing the feature and it’s now out of control.


We decided to write this article so people who are in search for A web roulette alternative and want to bypass their ban system can find an option. First thing about the chatroulette ban is that they use Ip’s banning to prevent A user from accessing the site. The other thing which I can’t understand is how they don’t want any adult actions happening at the site, but then redirect users to An adult porn site. Maybe they don’t realize that some of these people being redirected are young kids under the age of 18.

So the whole thing is that banning users on chat roulette to send them to adult sites doesn’t make any sense. Hundreds of people are getting banned and are looking for an alternative place and we have done the foot work so you don’t need to. Below you will find A link to A few different sources. Unless of course you want to do community service at chatroulette which is hours of work just to regain access.

Click >> chatroulette Alternatives

Peaceful Freedom Activists Attacked in Cuba

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Human rights lobbyists say pro-Government mobs in Cuba have launched an attack on critics organising marches in Santiago, the island’s second largest city.

838cubaPresident of the Cuban Committee for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz says the attacks, the third in as many weeks, marked a relatively rare use of physical violence against the dissidents.

He says the new wave of attacks has concerned activists and has blamed the violence on President Raul Castro.

Former political prisoner, José Daniel Ferrer Garcia said the worst violence came at the end of efforts by government opponents to stage street marches demanding the release of all political prisoners.

Mr Ferrer said about 20 members of Ladies in White, an organization of women relatives of political prisoners, were punched and kicked by a government-organized mob as they left mass at the Santiago cathedral.

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Casey Anthony Found Guilty on Some Charges

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The jury in the first-degree murder trial of Casey Anthony resumed deliberations on Tuesday morning.

Jurors spent nearly six hours considering the case on Monday, getting no break for the Independence Day holiday.

They received the case just after noon and deliberated until Judge Belvin Perry recessed court at 6 p.m. Jurors were then sent back to their Orlando hotel rooms, where they have been sequestered since the closely watched trial began six weeks ago.

Not Guilty on murder charge, but guilty on smaller charges.


Dalia Dippolito Found Guilty in Florida Case

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West Palm Beach Florida


The jury of six took barely three hours to come back with a guilty verdict on the one count of solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

The 29-year-old Dippolito barely showed any emotion as the verdict was read. Dippolito, who now faces up to 30 years in prison, was led quietly out of the packed courtroom in handcuffs by sheriff’s deputies.

Earlier, the alternate two jurors who sat through today’s closing arguments, said after they would have voted the Boynton Beach woman guilty. The two, who were dismissed this afternoon, said that they were not swayed by defense attorney Michael Salnick’s arguments.

“He can take a steel girder and bend it into a pretzel,” Sandra Clutter said she would think while hearing Salnick speak during the high-profile trial. “Dalia is certainly getting her money’s worth.”

Clutter said she observed Dippolito’s demeanor and noticed her giggling on Thursday. But today the reality set in, and she observed her crying.

The remaining jurors had asked to see two videos as they began deliberations.

Both the defense and prosecution had two hours to sum up their cases for jurors this morning.

Chief Assistant State Attorney Elizabeth Parker: “The evidence is overwhelming… they can’t say she didn’t do it.”

She likened Dippolito to poison candy: attractive outside, deadly inside.

Salnick, the defense attorney, said there are many unresolved questions. “Dalia Dippolito is asking you to let her wake up from this nightmare,” Salnick said, asking jurors to find her not guilty.

The defense case, predicted earlier in the trial to last two days, was over in less than two hours Thursday.


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