Suspected Child Killers; George David Kennedy & Roy Lee Smith

George David Kennedy, 39, a registered sex offender, was convicted in March 2002 of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and home invasion. Kennedy was sentenced to serve 2 to 15 years in prison, and was released on parole in July 2007 which is scheduled to end this July.


George Kennedy

Kennedy is a friend of Nevaeh’s mother, although she denies that they are romantically involved.

Police took Kennedy into custody on parole violations on Sunday evening – the night Nevaeh went missing from the Charlotte Arms Apartments in Monroe, Michigan.

Since then, investigators have searched Kennedy’s residence and seized several pieces of evidence, including a pair of shorts and a towel with bloodstains, bloodstains on the wall and photos of a white girl who looked similar to Nevaeh.

Kennedy has been named a person of interest in this case, but police say at this time he is not a suspect and remains in custody on parole violations stemming from his relationship with Nevaeh’s mother. Part of the conditions of his release was he was to have no romantic relationships with anyone associated with a child or be around a child under 17 without another adult present.

Investigators also searched Kennedy’s 1993 GMC van and found human blood on a silver multi-purpose tool.

Today investigators said they do have another person of interest, the owner of the van driven by Kennedy.

smith_royRoy Lee Smith, 48, was taken into custody on Monday on possible parole violations. The Department of Corrections is investigating whether or not to charge him with violating his parole.

Smith was paroled in February, 2008, after serving 15 years in prison on a conviction of criminal sexual conduct, third degree and other charges, such as larceny and breaking and entering.

Jennifer Buchanan, 39, Nevaeh’s mother, said she met Roy Smith through George Kennedy. She said Smith had only been as far as the parking lot to pick Jennifer up when they would go driving around or go out to eat and that he had only met Nevaeh once.

As for Kennedy, Jennifer has said that Nevaeh knew him well enough that she would have gotten into a car with him.

Officials cautioned the public to not judge Kennedy so quickly and that there are a number of “persons of interest” in this case. They say they are not focusing on the persons of interest and are still looking for and following up on leads.

An additional 10 FBI agents were called in today to help re-interview residents and people who may have been visiting the Charlotte Arms Apartments on the day Nevaeh went missing.

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