Bypass chatroulette webcam ban

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Chatroulette Cam is A very large site hosted from Russia. The site is about 2 years old now, and has been steadily dropping in traffic. When chatroulette started out they had no ban’s and it was A cool place to webcam chat. That was until recently when they started banning on chatroulette for no reason. Users at the site have been abusing the feature and it’s now out of control.


We decided to write this article so people who are in search for A web roulette alternative and want to bypass their ban system can find an option. First thing about the chatroulette ban is that they use Ip’s banning to prevent A user from accessing the site. The other thing which I can’t understand is how they don’t want any adult actions happening at the site, but then redirect users to An adult porn site. Maybe they don’t realize that some of these people being redirected are young kids under the age of 18.

So the whole thing is that banning users on chat roulette to send them to adult sites doesn’t make any sense. Hundreds of people are getting banned and are looking for an alternative place and we have done the foot work so you don’t need to. Below you will find A link to A few different sources. Unless of course you want to do community service at chatroulette which is hours of work just to regain access.

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Dalia Dippolito Found Guilty in Florida Case

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West Palm Beach Florida


The jury of six took barely three hours to come back with a guilty verdict on the one count of solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

The 29-year-old Dippolito barely showed any emotion as the verdict was read. Dippolito, who now faces up to 30 years in prison, was led quietly out of the packed courtroom in handcuffs by sheriff’s deputies.

Earlier, the alternate two jurors who sat through today’s closing arguments, said after they would have voted the Boynton Beach woman guilty. The two, who were dismissed this afternoon, said that they were not swayed by defense attorney Michael Salnick’s arguments.

“He can take a steel girder and bend it into a pretzel,” Sandra Clutter said she would think while hearing Salnick speak during the high-profile trial. “Dalia is certainly getting her money’s worth.”

Clutter said she observed Dippolito’s demeanor and noticed her giggling on Thursday. But today the reality set in, and she observed her crying.

The remaining jurors had asked to see two videos as they began deliberations.

Both the defense and prosecution had two hours to sum up their cases for jurors this morning.

Chief Assistant State Attorney Elizabeth Parker: “The evidence is overwhelming… they can’t say she didn’t do it.”

She likened Dippolito to poison candy: attractive outside, deadly inside.

Salnick, the defense attorney, said there are many unresolved questions. “Dalia Dippolito is asking you to let her wake up from this nightmare,” Salnick said, asking jurors to find her not guilty.

The defense case, predicted earlier in the trial to last two days, was over in less than two hours Thursday.